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where did u get the music for these?

tell me u didnt write these, cause i would really like to know what the songs are and how u got them(fight club especially)please finish these, ill vote 5 again.PLEASE RESPOND w/ answers

Unfinished stuff?!

I don't know if these movies are unfinished or not but they come as a three finished movies to me.

These three movies work really well as one submission And this your right this a good submission to watch on clock day.


OK listen up minor, first of all linkin park and slipknot ROCK...you are 15 you are growimg up in a time of fairys and panzis artists...ive got a couple of things to tell ya A)there is no easter bunny B)there is no Al Queda C)your movie was not that bad considering it was unfinished files D)what is it with the clock fetish i heard of wanting to belong to a group but come on your animations can be put to somthing better look at the awards you won you can win more(and probley will!!) but do somthing intresting....

Drink To Me
The Fats Meatball

finish them

finish them, they don't look bad. (but please dont use more Queen shit, that band sucks.)

MonkeyClock responds:

Thanks, but I don't think I'll take the advice of someone who likes Slipknot and Linkin Park.

fifen monkeh man

happy clock day

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Aug 15, 2003
2:02 AM EDT
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