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StrawberryClock B-Ball

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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordon are in an epic shootout, and the ball is none other than... StrawberryClock!

The basketball hoop was made by my good friend and artist, unclemike.

UPDATE 8/19/03:

*all glitches to my knowledge fixed
*you can adjust the speed of the slider bar
*background added

NOTE: Yes, I do know this game is crappy, but it is kind of fun for the challenge. I just wanted to make something for Clockday. It took me about 4 hours to make.


w00t hell no

this game sucked, just a plain overall crappy game. 1 out of 5 ^_^

that sucked...

clock flashes really suck cock. i give u a 2, because micheal jordan was in the game.
please, stop clock movies, they suck.

microsoft sam

great voice for kobe. only problem is the slide bar. fix that, and it's a good game.

Not bad

Sorry about all those people flaming you for no apparent reason, but the only thing I see that you might want to fix on this is the speed bar. I know that it has been fixed, but it takes so long to move it from one side to the other, mike kicks your butt easily. Maybe fix it to where you can hold down on the + or - button and it will keep moving, rather than constantly clicking.

Overall a pretty good game though. Quite challenging for its simplicity.


hey ChocolateChipClock, i recognize you from clockcrew.net forums, nice little flash you got there, seeing that it appears its only your second one, i have one suggestion; make the speed adjustment easier, make it so you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard, or at least enable it so you can hold your mouse down on the + and - and it will move, instead of constantly clicking the mouse.

it is a very simple game, which isnt bad, and it was very straight forward, it isnt complicated at all, its tricky at first, but as you continue, it gets easier, because you recognize what speeds land where.

anyways, nice little flash you got here, i hope to see more clock games and stuff like this in the future.


oh, and by the way, why is the pre-loader clockday 2003? wasnt that already a couple of months ago?

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2.37 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2003
1:09 AM EDT
Sports - Basketball