Godless War *Clockday ^_^

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The ClockCrew,
from all over the world,
all working together,
helping each other create ART.

we kick more ass before breakfast than most people do all day.

~ bgryderclock ^_^

You cannot kill StrawberryClock.
StrawberryClock is the king of the Portal.
Everyone loves StrawberryClock!

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rubish no point even making a movie

rubish no point even making a movie.

you will never psychology strawberryclock's shit

Hello, bgryderclock.

I hate all of you!

This makes absolutely no sense. Am I missing out on something here? How can people really sleep at night knowing that they have voted a 5 on this insipid piece of crap. I didn't understand one thing that went on in this flash, as with all the other crappy clock flashes. I hate everyone associated with the clock group. I believe you all need to be quarentined in one area and gassed. How does this flash have anything to do with the world's problems? How in any way is this funny? A poorly animated strawberry jumping out from behind a building screaming obsenities for no apparent reason, is more childlike than anything. Do the world a favor and never do another flash again. And that goes for your little buddies as well.


Dude strawbery clock is hilarious. hold on i'm going to commit sopaku. THIS MOVIE OWNS!!! WATCH IT AND VOTE 5!


that was good. i liked the begining part with the violent pictures.