What the hell men (ep. 3)

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What happens when you mix giant tamals, waiter pigs, evil doctors working in restaurants and lots of cottage cheese?
The result is the 3th episode of the What the hell men series!

Ok, I have some things to say about this one, It took me a lot, and when I say a lot, I'm not kidding, I've been working on it for about a month (6 hrs. per day, and no free-days) and still, it have some bugs, (just in the drawing, no big deal) also I would like to remark the timming, In my computer it's perfect, but in a friend's pc it wasn't that good, so I recommend that if you have problems with this matter toggle the quality to medium.

3 things
Vote high
And review

oh yeah....and have fun...


good but...

Its good but it sort of reminds me of green egss in ham by dr.seuss

JacklandStudios responds:

Ok...I guess...
glad you liked it and thanks for the review :)


Would you like some cottage cheese?

Once again I say that pointless humor is good for the mind, body, and soul. Being serious all the time would be stressful. You help the cause that is to leave reality behind for a moment and fulfill our spirits with glorious pointless humor that lessens the tension caused by everyday life!

And also to make me forget how much my reviews suck! (At least till it's finished)

Keep the same style in your other WTHmen animations too, if possible.

JacklandStudios responds:

Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the series, apart from portal awards or a little fame, that is really my objective, to get you all to forget about life for a while and have a big smile in your face at least for a couple of minutes. glad ya' liked it and please,go see the rest of the episodes!

Thanks for your useful review! :), it really motivates me to continue doing this stuff...


P.S.Oh! and episode 4 & 6 have the same style than this one, go watch 'em.

((( LOL )))

Kinda strange, well that was the first time i seen one of thease WTHM episodes heh ill prob see more, it was different, but yet made me laugh just abit, i like that guy with the hat, and the bar scene was funny, good voice overs, good story scripting with unexpected story changes hehe good one...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Different, and entertaining...


not to bad....

but the animation wasnt good at all and the story was a little confuesing but the effort shows...

JacklandStudios responds:

That's because it was a cartoon!!!!

Anyway, thank you for watching :)


The voices are a lot harder to understand compared to previous episodes. The graphics are still ok. Wait, it's Mtv's Jesse Camp!


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JacklandStudios responds:

Thanks Ryan, I tought this one was better, but I promise to try harder for the next one, thanks for the score tough :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2003
10:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original