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Self-destructing organism

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my opinion i see yeah it is indeed about war but i see a man who takes care of the dead bodys of his fallen soldiers. and the symbol is like a cult thing kinda like the nazis had. the rat acts like a poison. the man with no lips is in love with the woman leaving her to himself the median man loves her but wants to be with her but can not be with her because the man with no lips loves her secretly and he doesn't consider the man that deals with the dead body's a soldier so the medical man decides to become one but dies on the field. the woman loved him too that's why she died a suicide attempt that succeeded. and the rat is already filled with all the diseases and w/e it was drinking it killed the man with no lips when he injected it into himself. the question i have is did he know it would do that all the time and was he doing it because she kept rejecting him? ~shrugs~


I got most of the symbolism

what did the rat symbolize thats the only part which kinda confused me

anywho you did good


This is a very dramatic animation that to me explains war and love
but there seems to be more
I hope that others can see you artwork

Welcome to the Russian Weird animations

Wtf... WTF! You see that ur animation is kind of strange. :D There is no need to tell this again. I am generally impressed by Russian animators. You guys create strange animations but also they are very good. In the past 1 or 2 years i am starting to create (without my wish of doing that) animations which are also weird but as i said in objectional aparatus - strange is good. People like to see strange things. Their adrenaline is going up thats why people like to see and talk about misteries. 10 from me. There are a lot of animations on Newgrounds that poses not even the half of ur proffesionalism and they have only 10 in the reviews. Keep doing good animations!

Well not the best

but not the worst either people complaining over it is crazy.
It doesn't have that much violence compared to a war. Go and see for yourself well I ain't going that's for sure. I feel that this movie shows the essence of pain that people get in a war. Surely feeling really bad after you killed someone the first time is enough to make you puke twice. Well since long time ago there has been wars. what was once to protect oneself is programmed into ones brain to make one a heartless killer. In Iraq for instance a whole lot of children has been murdered/or watched their families die of bombs gunfire from both Iraqs side and from the American. Well I don't like to talk about war so I'll stop here but I'll say that this movie represents war in it's own way and it atleast deserves a 8.