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3Guys/2: Extended Fight 1

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Well hello ppl!
If you want some 'plot' for this go see 3 guys episode 2. It's the fight against the cowboy, extended. It WILL end up the same way at the end though.

I think I might have improved a bit since last time but it might just be my imagination :P

Since I didn't do it chronologically, you might notice a better part before the rest. All the pre-fight talk was done today, last of all, so that might be the most quality part of the movie. The rest is chronological.

Also I took ppl's advice and made most sounds without my mouth :P (The only mouth produced sound I did is a discreet wind/woosh sound that ended up sounding like a dentist tool... oh well :P I'm not talking about the pre-fight wind)

Plot logic stuff
-PABB gets minor clothe changes between scenes, this is an error
-Bullets fired with 0.5 second intervals aren't supposed to be cluttered together
-PABB whipping with a lasso is not an error because Da Weapon is a creature of chaos capable of changing into whatever earthly matter PABB can think of, more details later.

Well that's about it, have fun, you ears will hurt less than last time, and uuh... yeah.

Oh yeah! Protoblues gets the referrer bonus because he was nice to me :)

FF6 BossBattle Remix by Kilu
FF7 OneWingedAngel by Nobuo Umatsu I guess

Have a happy flash movie making career, or a happy social life, or, dare we enter the realm of improbable impossibilities, both.


Good effects, bad drawings.

When I started watching, and saw the drawing of the hand, I thought this would be pretty bad. But that's where I was wrong. The flash is actually pretty good, because of the nice effects you added like the speed lines and the fade thing which were both done quite well. The fight is kinda random, but it's fun to watch. Some of hte anmation seemed choppy, but for the most part, it was pretty good. The cliff hanger was a nice touch, though I might want to see more of this series if you added some plot to make more suspence.

((( COOL )))

Hey very cool, i have not seen alot in this series, but this one alone is damn good, and really gets you into the movie, very nice detail and effort put into this, cool flash, keep it up...


hey that was preety cool

i think i have seen it before, it seemed familia, hav u submitted it sumwhere else?
yeah it was great, real nice animation etc, it cool cool cool. nice3 one

I wuz! Wuz!

Seen the whole thing and i really suggest that you put part 3, it's really funny. Btw, OmniX's my friend, i showed him your first flash. He's working on some robot fighting thingy game flash that i also did some work on and would be cool if you'd join in the crew. If he doesn't mind of course. Although, a brick in the face might convince him.
Ps: I never saw someone that answered all his reviews before, :) Good job.

MUDMAN responds:

Answering all your review is easy when you got 7 of em :P

WOW!!! JOIN A CREW!!! W00T!!! What do you want me to do?!? (I don't know sh33t at actionscripting other than goto stop and play)

decent movie

the effects of the guy running was pretty cool, but my fav. part was when he swung the other guy around; that was a awsome effect. Overall, it was just fine. Plan to make more?

MUDMAN responds:

Thanks :D
I'll probably at least finish this, and submit 3 guys episode 3 wich will look very crappy because it was done at the same time as the original 1(blammed) and 2(not blammed)

Yeah that part where PABB swings the cowboy on the floor took the most time to do because even if I could have tweened it I suck at tweening rotations so I completly keyframed it. I did that too where he just rotates with the lasso in hand but that was easier because I just had to use PABB as the central point and turn him around.
Thanks again for the good review!

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2.88 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2003
3:12 AM EDT
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