Stoners Ep. 10.5

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I didn't want to just update my other one... cuz no one would see it... but.. I changed it a little bit... and I changed the bong too... for whoever that dude is that reviewed it and almost pissed himself telling me... that I've never smoked before... and don't know what a bong is.


cool one

this was a bit strange... this 10.5th episode was very different, but somewhat close to episode 10, but the randomness and weed theme keep this one from being bad. this one was still quite cool... but i didn't care for this one like i did the rest of this series.

Kotton Mouth was A Damn Good Choice

When I heard the KmK at the begining I knew you were a real stoner. The flash was ok, somewhat funny, Id'e say that if you spent more time and energy into one of your flashs you could make something really great. As long as you stuck to the Pot theme.


WTF WAS THAT, THAT WAS A FUCKING INSULT TO STONERS EVERYWHERE. One dude your fucking "bong" was messed up you put the mouthpiece at the wrong side douche bag. Ok the reason why they put the mouthpiece at the top and the bowl on the bottom of a bong so the water won't get into your mouth you retard. If you made a bong like that in real life there is no way it would work at all. Man another rookie stoner attempting to make a pothead flash sad yet pethetic.

inmana responds:

suck my ass. i should slap you in public. answer me this: would the bong work or not? exactly. bongs come in all shapes and sizes my friend.


do you even know what a bong looks like? yours looked like some sort of hookah, and it also looked amazingly impractical. why is the majority of the smoke chamber above the mouthpiece? and why is the mouthpiece so close to the water? i dont know about you, but i smoke my bong when it is up against my mouth, not 6 inches away.


What kind of bong is that??

and White stripes suck.

inmana responds:

No one asked for your opinion of the White Stripes.

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3.18 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2003
4:33 PM EDT
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