Rammer - killer ext. demo

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UPDATE: Wow. pick of the hour. my first "award" if u can call it that. dont go to the group...i nvr go there ne more. go to rammerzworld instead. its much kooler and im getting a forum for it as i type this (:

woohoo! thx to all who helped protect this! the full version will have 10 levels, with 3 bosses (counting hte one in this one). well im glad u all liked this!! u rock!! plz read the stuff at the end too. why do only 1/4 of the ppl who watch this, vote?

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I like theese type of games!

I think you did a good job with this. I like theese type of games when u have to press an arrow key at a certain amount of time. Im going to go play the other ones now. Good job!

Rammer responds:

thanks (:

for the record, these are called "reflex games". at least, that's what i call them. be sure to leave a review! :D


that was fun, I liked it, keep it up.

Rammer responds:

heh, all righty.


Rayman stylish game,it was pretty easy,you can beat the game easily if you just press every destination button.I'm going to play the part 1 and 2.Is the part 2 last part of Rammer?


Rammer responds:

nope, i plan on making 4 parts, but unfortunately, i havent started the 3rd one quite yet. i do have some plans for it, though.

Wow. This kind of work is rather rare...

And I respect that. A very fine peice of work. An original idea, and a ressurected way of playing a game. I think you have the makings of something incredible here. Keep up the good work. Keep on this, improve the animation, put in some better animation, and perhaps add an easy, medium and hard mode. It might be a good idea to look at all the older games that had this kind of concept. Don't give up! This was awesome. I look forward to the full version...

Rammer responds:

um, oops, sorry for not responding faster, i dont really check my reviews as much as i should...

ANYWAY...thank you for the compliment and such, but part 1 and part 2 have already came out...like 2 years ago. part 3 will be awesome, and if im up to it, i will put in the hard medium and easy modes, maybe a "Freaking Extreme"? heh, maybe.

It's like DDR, but cooler!

That's all there really is to say about it. It's fun, though!

Rammer responds:

teh full versions might be funner :P

if you like this, you will definetly like the full ones. thanks!

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2003
12:25 PM EDT
Adventure - Other