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DBAF reign of evil goku

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Author Comments



kinda shitty and crappy and sukkky

but ur kind of style and work have lots of potential...and ur positive attitude ( including responding to reviews ) are great assetz...try harder

didnt like it.

looking at this i see that you can creat an animation. this is it. it wasnt good. but you did try i give you this. however, it seems that when you decided to respond to any comment it was rude. i mean, there was the guy who said you were a god of dbz. granted he may have been sarcastic, for this i wouldnt blame him, but still, dont be rude. dont take every thing so seriously. just chill, and keep working on it. you will of course get better.

still though, you get blammed for your attitude.

ssj3goldengohan responds:

lol no worries friend i was like 11 when i made this and it was my first ever cartoon :P how did that survive? lol anyway i mite be making some more animations bt just can't be bothered :)

i spit on it....

i gave it a 10 in humor because it sucks.......to dam bad this isn't realy dragon Ball AF there would be goku jr. vegeta jr. and so forth this is not dragon ball af and the stick from of gokus hair is dam easy that i lmao seeing the hair you did! a dbz shame! oure shame! this is more boring and gay then waiting for my girl friend to get back into canada so i'm jus tgunna work my ass off and still wait for her to get back into canada befor i die of this flash!

ssj3goldengohan responds:

Hey 1 thing this aint the real thing mate, i made this cartoon ages and ages back like three years ago and why have u introduced ur gomper of a girlfriend, u canadian scum that can't say about right (abot)


that was totally horriffic! it sucked so bad ........... it reminds me of a shit i took once

ssj3goldengohan responds:

yes i would really want to make a cartoon of u shitting? please mate reply when u have better cusses, like your mom is so fat that she uses a matress as a tampon

Keep workin on it

Hmmmmm....this could be a good series if you improved it...ALOT. You should have backroud music the whole time and maybe add a bit more of an intro story. Try and make the fighting a little less...repetitive, because they do the same thing over and over

ssj3goldengohan responds:

Man its been ages i learnt new ways of drawing, i'm thinking of making a frame by frame sequel! this time its cartoon not sticks!

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Credits & Info

1.70 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2003
7:24 AM EDT
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