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CLICK ON THE LIGHT BULB dont whatch this on full screen this baby is meant to be seen on the tiny screen

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I really do love this cartoon. It's mostly because the twist is so good. It's also great because it sends such a powerful message. It makes you realize the evils of man. I know that's nothing new with nature stuff, but it was done so well here. The animation is great too.

You deserve recognition for this. It's sad how suddenly bleak it gets. It only shows how we need to give everything a chance. It's great to develop mythology like that. I won't spoil the ending.

Dinoman777 you're an idiot. Oh, of COURSE, because humans are obviously objectively superior and more valuable than other animals not just from their OWN perspective but from an OUTSIDE one which has no point of reference or prior contact with humans, obviously killing the deer that the alien had just befriended and bonded with by shooting it right in front of it isn't a reason to kill the noble, holy human, which all life forms everywhere should recognize as being made in god's image, is that what you're saying? It's not like the alien even came in and watched this happen from afar, like a naturalist watching a predator-prey relationship from behind a hill with binoculars or something, like lion killing a zebra, no, the alien had made contact with the deer and it was right there and the man killed it right in front of it, and you think that isn't any reason to kill the human? After reading your comment before watching it and seeing the 'people find this review helpful' rating, I was expecting this to be some left wing extreme statement that humans are the only source of evil in the universe and that all other animals in nature get along, but no, you're just retarded. That was completely a justified response, and this was a good video. Though I thought the thing where it turned the bird into a bird-caterpillar and then sprouted wings out its back (not turning its arms into wings mind you, but gaining 2 extra limbs) was weird and creepy.

One of the best flashes ever

I reaally liked this. Kinda sad how we still polute and kill animals for no reason. I wish i could be abducted by a benovelont race of aliens and if i could stay there...


Man I don't usually give out 10's but this is an amazing piece of work. I really connected with that alien thing, how cool would it be to be that alien haha I KNOW I WISH I WAS:D;D;D thank u for this masterpiece my friend.

It's pretty good

but I could have seen it coming. I also think you animate too slow and it makes me sleepy! But it's ok.