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okay try this metal gear demo its just a demo so dont be an ass also its big cus of the full mp3 music trak in there
click on the weirdness underneath the guys hand to get some random quotes
to get the good ending click on the guys head
to get the bad ending click on the gun



^^Good Points^^
The music was good, and the clip about the box you added was humorous.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is a terrible game. It's extremely short, all you have to do is click on the guy and you win. I actually had a hard time figuring aout what the hell to do in this game for a while. Your drawings are terrible, but I guess atleast you didn't use stick figures. Next time, make a few more levels and make the directions more clear. Most of the time I spent playing this game was trying to figure out what to do.

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", and furthermore is not enjoyable to play like a video game should be."
Also, sound was 10 because it was MSG...

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This game is pointless, worthless, not entertainin

g, and furthermore is not enjoyable to play like a video game should be.

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this game sucks

i mean it i cna play anybody better at metal gear solid 1 2 and 3 then ay of you losers even the artist sucks so bann this piece of crap

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*sigh* not again...

I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the guy that pissed you off badly with your last movie. You probably remember. To answer your previous... statements... (this is about your first movie still)

1. The voice. Next time, get a guy that has actually gone through puberty to do Snake's voice. You sound like a twelve year-old bitch.

2.the graphics. They do suck. The reason I don't have any flash movies on Newgrounds is because I am actually taking my time while making movies.

3.The scientist. He's a fat-ass with sticks for arms! You are a piece of shit that obviously does not know how to draw!

4.The voice. I don't give a shit where it takes place, the voice was still so fucking fuzzy.

And as for the rest of that crap you said, I'll let it slide because you're obviously too much of a shithead to come up with better insults than having sex with my mother (which even then isn't much of an insult to me).


It sucked royally. I fail to comprehend why you think that people will actually enjoy this game you're creating. A tip: don't waste your time making demos. They spoil the real game and they are a waste of your time. Focus on the real game! And why can't you click anywhere but the head and the gun? Why not the legs? The chest? Why can you only kill in two ways? I don't give a shit whether this is a demo or not, if you're going to put something on Newgrounds at least make it worth seeing or playing. And besides that, the Foxfound logo was actually pretty good, besides the knife looking so dull it wouldn't be able to cut a piece of paper.

And, with that said, I'm looking forward to your response and hearing more unrelated insults about my mom, or maybe you've come up with better insults, I don't know. Respond quickly, you sexually gimped freak!

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1.20 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2003
2:48 PM EDT