Devil:Joker III

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I hate this song, again, it was suggested for me.


Skubz here, (afromonky on NG)

Wow. For ANYBODY (anybody at all?) who was waiting for another episode. Here it is. I would of continued but the old filesize (5.06 megs I think) was a over the limit by "just a tad". Anyways I dont think that NGers would be happy to see me wasting bandwith.

The music quality is bad, I know, but would you rather have a 5 meg movie? Me neither. So I just lowered the quality. In other news I'm working on a revampment (is that even word?) of my site. It's all flash and it's looking pretty good.

Music: Trapt - Headstrong

Remember I'm just a 13 year old trying to make it in the world of animation. Thanks for watching and I like to recieve reviews that tell me whats wrong and good about the movie. Again, thanks for watching.



u need the uncut virsion of headstrong

I can see something!

Yep; I can clearly see your animation skills getting much better. Your choice of music goes well with this animation, as it did in the previous. The story has become more indepth and heart-felt. Your backgrounds are still very good, and the artwork is beginning to show some smoothness. I can see some potential symbolism in the one cave scene. The pure awesomeness of this series is progressing greatly. I can still see your uncreativeness in the preloader screen and credits, but those are just minor issues. Now to move on to Devil: Joker IV!

it's really good how it progressed

Slick animation, Nice details and graphics, including the song, Hope to see more of your work.

afromonky responds:

Thanks, you will. :)

get your own idea

i watched your series and i think you should get your own idea rather than biting synj's ideas, and also it was 105.5 seconds of no real animating, sighhh... i guess i have no tolerance for stuff like this.

afromonky responds:

Alright, thanks for your review. You should make some flash and see what is/isn't real animating.

Good job

I liked this one the most, but it moved a tad slow. Loved the song, and the drawings improved a lot from the other. I can't wait for number 4 :)

afromonky responds:

thanks again, leo!

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2.90 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2003
1:50 PM EDT
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