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This is short animation that I started long, long ago a abandoned it. I felt it needed to be finished, so I came back to it and it's turned into something I like.

The art is similar to my game 'BANG!'... I fact the this animation has the same people in it that you shoot!

I may update this, but I'm not sure yet!


The Guy under me is just frustrated..

I don't think it was that bad, actually I liked the weapon sounds. It wasn't long, but the graphics were done pretty well for your first flash. Try some more features and maybe something with a little story line.

Okay, Rant time

you need to die will must die will must die we told you once and we will tell you agin stop making crappy games/movies at least give them a point randam isn't fun or at least when you do it , Hey umm, My friends a retard forgive him, but its time for a rant! For one the shit you call flashes have no point what so ever, Why the fuck was the movie named midjets? And why the fucking incorrect spelling, Dumbass Stop Making Flash, One the graphics, Little tan balls ontop of Whatever those shapes are, With guns, Who gives a shit, Stop ripping of matrix, Do you purposely make shit, Oh, i suppose we all do just not in this form, You suck1!!!!!!11 do something else for a living, Like,... How the hell should i know, Hitting puberty is a good first step. No more shit, okay?

good one.

Im starting to like your artwork very quikly. I like this as much as I like MADNESS. But MADNESS goes over this by 200. It was cool but it was too short. You should make one like this but it should be like Halo or Halo 2 (recommended)! Good job.

not bad

Okay you have talent, perhaps put it to some better use and make a flash with a storyline, also i know im nitpicking but he never reloads his guns! :P

stolen idea

Its almost like you stole the Madness series idea, made it look really gay, slapped really dumb music in place of the good music, and changed some of the letter from Madness to Midjets. In conclusion this flash is gay and the idea is stolen.

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3.34 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2003
3:23 PM EDT
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