Zaurtise's tour of Hell

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well this movie is practically my first{the other one was blammed but it was an experiment to see how quickly you people ban movies}Ok im gonna have to tell you to crank up the volume.I put the voices kinda low for a reason.....

UPDATE 7/28/03
Oh my god!!!my submission actually survived the portal!!!!I cant believe this!Ok people i understand about the volume issue.In the next ep i promise to make the voices volume higher.

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ok now do not take offense at this and start throwing insults at me, you have to understand that people are gonna say bad things its a fact of life.

I know people have already said this numerous times but I really did not like that whole low voices then scare the viewer with loud noises thing, its not really scary , just annoying

I DO give you props for originality with that though, I am already seeing people copying your trick.

maybe you weren't copying Balthor's tales from Hell but the resemblance is uncanny (it DOES happen) . (I can't beleive not one of the people that made this comparison could spell Balthor's name correctly lol)

I gave you 6 on sound because even though the voices were sooo low that I STILL could not hear even with my speakers turned all the way up,
I liked that Metal song at the end.

((( HEH OK )))

The art was cool, and had effort put into the whole movie, but the audio was killing it, i mean i could hardly hear a thing, but still i liked the art work, hope to see more soon...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Nice artwork...


<^>( '.' )>kirby hates you

that picture gave me the hardon of a lifetime

It was ok.

The drawings were good, and you need to work on the sound all together, not just the volume. I could hear some blowing into the mic, and the volume got extremely loud at one point. Other than that, good job.

HiddenPurgatory responds:

yeah i know what you mean about the mic problem.It squared away for the second ep.Im gonna have one of my buddies do Zaurtises voice.He's got an expensive.Thanks for the review

sorta hard to tell

I couldn't really tell what was goin on. It's not that the voices weren't loud enough, they were just muffled or something. The drawings were ok. Not much to them, but they served their purpose. The song at the end was pretty cool.
I'd also like to say, you can't tell people 'fuck you' for not liking your movie if they've never done flash. It doesn't make any sense. It's not like they seen other movies that are better, or at least, that they like better. So they have something to judge by. And if you play the 'you have no idea how much work this took' card, that doesn't work either. It would be really hard to take the pencil tool and try to fill in the whole screen, but it wouldn't be any good. You can't back up your work by saying how much effort went in to it. People can still have an opinion on something if you have no idea how it's done. Roger Ebert has made a fucking career out of it.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2003
1:04 PM EDT
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