The Story Of Mek, ACT 2

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This is the second chapter, "Speech."
In it, Mek says his first words!!

VERSION 2.0 (no more distortion)

The story of mek is written and animated by Dustin Viney and is voiced by Dustin Viney, Sean Young, Pat Daniels, Jeni Viney and Courtney Straub.

ACT TWO features the voices of:
Sean Young as Mac (the dad)
Jeni Viney as Sweetie (the mom)
Mek (the baby)



What in the FUCK was the opening all about!?!!? @Music@.... FUCK!!! That was disturbing.
About the show, yes it was funny. Work on the animation.

Mek1985 responds:


o snap bra

that was g bra ya ya o snap he learned his first word

Mek1985 responds:

Not sure exactly what is going on here, so okay...but I tip my fedora to you, sir.
I think he said:
"Oh Snap, brother!"
That was great brother, yeah yeah. Oh snap! He learned his first word!

Am I close, am I close?!?!

i never saw act 1

never saw the first one but this is funny

Mek1985 responds:

ow...sorry, i stubbed my toe this mornin' and the dag flabbin thing is still itchin like a mutha fucka


Good story with a nice joke at the end. Keep up the good work. I'm off to see ep.3. :)

Mek1985 responds:

marry me


Ok to prove u are godly my parents are a sleep and i can eather watch porno of episodes of Mec...
amasingly u win out,
for some odd reason while looking for child porn i found ure episodes and god damn they are amasing!
Creating movies myself i know how hard it is to create a movie with out using other peoples ideas or music. U OWN

Mek1985 responds:

LOL i are teh hot

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3.13 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2003
12:43 AM EDT
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