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After much complaining, the following games can use the spacebar: The Price is Right, Match Game, Greed, Pineapple, and Press Your Luck. TPiR, Match Game, Greed, and PYL can still use the mouse.

OK, after a couple bad entries into Newgrounds, I'll try something a little unique. Think of this as Warioware meets Game Show Network. 10 game show minigames at a fast pace. All you need is your mouse and your spacebar. A couple hints... When the yodel guy is in the red area, click him to save him, and click the black arrow when the section of the wheel is matched with the name in the right corner. Have fun!

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I gotta figure out that music dude. SO CATCHY!

Alright,first LightSpeed game of the serie,out of all the try,my highest is 48.

I never understand the Wheel of Celebrity one.
I love the fact that there is the reference of mini game on the top right,like press your luck or the hollywood/morpion/true and false thingy.

The Stop It,Hit the Whamy and Hit 3 Spins are similar.

I see some inspiration for its sequel.It is a nice one.


sorry for gaving low score.

good game,BUT SOMETIMES MINIGAME is not completable(i must get 3 spins and it doesnt stopped 3 spins)and higher or lover is only luck

That game

It was the best game I ever played. That and Lightspeed 2!

Good flash, Pacdude.

I love all of those shows in this game. It's no wonder you're #1 on my list of favorite artists.

I'm lying about that part. The reason you're #1 on my favorites list is because you're the artist I added to that list and I'm listing them chronologically. To put them in order of preference would take me too long