The Watcher

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This is my third movie so please be critical and i'll try and get better also any help tips or otherwise would be appreciated.

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not to good

I know its hard to make a cartoon but it would bi better if you ad more sound, and maby youse vouice acting.

P.S sorry for my bad inglich im dutch =)

u can do better

it's not good at all..

damn nice i thought

i liked this and enjoyed watching, but i have a tip or two for you.
first of all, the text. its better than voice acting i think because voice acting can sound very bad. but you really need to able to identify who's talking if you're the viewer. so maybe some different coloured text for different people, a name before the sentence, or even a line above the person's head when they're talking! haha.
also, i think that once again the aniamtion in this movie was just a little too slow. but not when the killings were taking place, that was good.
overall, the graphics and animation were good, and so was the story line. i liked it.


An interesting story you're telling here nice work at focusing my attention throughout the entire flash. Your hand drawing needs some improvement but I can sympathize with trying to construct proportional digits, it's a pain in the ass. Overall i can see your flash skills improving which is always positive. Keep the beat in your feet till next we meet SCD.

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Thanks for the Review SDG, it always appreciated. I hate drawing with a mouse, when i get a tablet, i can see things improving alot better.

if only i could do flash movies....

Well done again...I reall like the style...you did really well considering your 3rd flash hope to see more of your work

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Thanks alot, i appreciate the review mate. I too hope i submit more flash, its just a pain in the arse getting started again :)