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Newgrounds Jam #2 Menu

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This is the menu that will take you to the Newgrounds Jam #2 movies. The rest of the movies will replace the "sneak peek" sections when they are completed. This movie will be removed from the portal when all the movies are completed.


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i gave u a 0 on sound because there was none but i really wasnt expecting any i've noticed that the 3rd one is out did u guys just forget about this one or are u just going to do this thing later

Pretty nice!

Even tough I would have liked to see the actual full jam, because I'm a big fan of Pico. But considering the file sizes of some of the movies... Well, just Pico's Unloaded is way too big.

Nice preloader, specially the motor of the tank.

It's Pico's Unloaded

Up there and it has already been made! AGES AGO!

The greatest collab never finished

Luis, SickDeathFiend, and Mindchamber all completed their submission originally meant for this and all of them made it to #1 in the portal. So if they had all came together who knows what sort of incredible score this would have gotten.


hey i want to see Newgrounds Jam 2 not the menu or something like that, where can i found it?(don't pay atentiion to the 8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8) i joust put them to fill in. =)