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Cartman Drawing

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Author Comments

(-*1. Game 1- Cartman Mouth
Press the "More" button to see
all of cartman mouths!
(-*2. Game 2- Dress Up Cartman. Take
all the clothes and body parts
that shown on the screen and make
from them an Eric Cartman!
(-*3. Game 3- Talking From Show. press
on each sentence to hear & see
Cartman saying him!
(-*4. Game 4- Body Parts Find. Search
in the window on the right Eric
Cartman clothes and body parts,
Then match them to the Cartman
statue on the left!

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This is much better then I initailly thought it would be. I'm impressed that you managed to put all these activites in such a small filesize. =)

Personally I thought the "Body Parts Find" was pretty cool and unique, but a little difficult so maybe adding an option so you could click for a picture of what Cartman is supposed to look like just to make it less frustrating if someone gets really stuck.

And frustrated viewers usually don't give high votes. =P

Overall this is a good compact flash full of games. Good job! 3/5.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks! Well, that little game only had a few parts, but you're supposed to know how he looks like by the other pics of him during the little flash presentation :P

Very creative

This was good. I love these kinda games.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Yay thanks!

A nice selection of choices, I found it fun.

I liked the idea of having more than one game in one submission, it made the whole thing much more fun as there was a variety of options and I got fairly addicted to some of them. Perhaps with the find body parts though you could have made it so that the parts fitted perfectly in to place on Cartman when you found them and also had their colour appear, but in general it was a fun collection of games.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks! Was taken to mind.


Its nice that you incorporated 4 different ideas into one. I liked that since so many people are now submitting JUST a dress-up game or JUST a soundboard. Anyway, to make reviewing this easier, I'll review each segment individualy.

Cartman Mouth -- This part didn't really stand out much. It just kind of showed the many mouths of Cartman for no particular reason (except to print out or trace, I suppose). However, it does tie together nicely with the other parts. Not the cream of this flash;s crap, however not a bad addition either. 4/10

Dress Up Cartman -- Ahh, the classic dress-up game. This one had a great selection of items to use and was put together quite well. The addition of some background South Park music would have been a nice addition, but wasn't too necesary. Alone the dress-up game would have been enough to pass judgement, but as a collection its even more impressive. 7/10

Talking From Show -- Once again, another classic. The soundboard. Not too many sounds to choose from, but again with all the other things in the collection, the lack of voice overs is hardly a let-down. With a couple of exceptions, the sound quality was quite good and I liked the clips that you chose. Not a bad peice of work. 6/10

Body Parts Find -- Quite an original concept. A little bit easy though, because simply scrolling the mouse can reveal the pieces. Again, some background music would be nice, but its absence isn't a total loss. Not a bad idea, and fairly well put together. 5/10

Overall not a bad collection of Cartman-related ideas. In terms of improvements, I would only add some more audio clips into the soundboard and add background music to the areas mentioned above. Good luck!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks for the review!
I think the first thing should have had a sound for each mouth, so you could make out random words and it would own :P
Perhaps I should make a flash just for that... with a key to press for each sound... ;P

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2003
3:14 AM EDT