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Razoric's ''Zelfmoord'' is a short and sorry story about a young girl who attempts to kill herself, but is interrupted.

When I first saw it, I couldn't stop finding the brevity and violence amusing, so I was determined to make a sequel.

I began working on it earlier this month, and returned to the FLA last night to finish it off. I spent most of today on the soundtrack. (...not always something I look forward to doing when main animation is completed...)

In ZELFMOORD ][, our girl finally succeeds, albeit with some help from another Razoric celebrity...

Watch Raze's original @
flashtoons.php?filename=z e
lfmoord.swf&width=540 &hei



sude you are from the uk or us but zelfmoord is in dutch it means suicide

I was torn between 6 or 7.

Yo... Karma here again. *grin*

This was kinda nice. I liked the animation on the girl when she turned around. That was quite good. Neat character design. Especially the wacked out spiky headed guy. I liked that.
The !POTS thing was really cool, and an awesome sound effect. Is that a Gradius or a Parodius sound effect??

Also, i don't know if you inteneded it this way, but i found the "look out behind you" thing to look a HELL of a lot like Ninja Gaiden II for NES cinema segment after beating the green monster boss. If it was a homage, great job. I remember that segment.

And yeah.. it was short, alright, but i'm not gonna go "OMG! TOO SHORT MAKE IT LONGER WTF!". Sometimes a nice short thing is good. Or at least I can see the value of that.

!POTS ...heh heh... some of your stuff in your movies (Such as the Parovidius "I WANT A MILLION HELLACOPTORS AND A DOLLAR" thing) and this !POTS thing are becoming classic favorite phrases of mine. ^_-

DYNAKYRIS responds:

A decade ago and some change, Oscar the Grouch taught me that STOP spelled backwards is POTS. :]

You're pretty damn close!!! The alarm noise you hear is from Nemesis for Game Boy, also known as...GRADIUS!!!

The LOOKOUTBEHINDYOU is just part of the dialogue, if anything is intended to refer to anything else, it's definitely the Jessica Rabbit phrases at the start. In earlier versions, though, I even used a clip of Jessica shouting "BEHIND YOU" before the shadowy figure gets shot out.

The other phrase you love, from ParoVadius, came originally from an episode of Dinosaurs wherein the food in the fridge took over the house when Charlene babysat her little brother. It was the head cheese's ransom letter, which one of his underlings corrected for him when he misread it.


Sorry If you were going for more of a horror thing,but I thought it was funny how bad u fukked up.If it was longer and made any sense and you could actually listen to them talking for more then 2 fucking seonds maybe it would be good your overall is 2 becasue its funny how u fucked up.

DYNAKYRIS responds:

Being patterned after Razoric's original I maintained the storytelling way. Raze's was originally way shorter! ._.

I like 'em brief

That was good. I liked the line, "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

Not bad at all...

I actually liked it! It was short and sweet! Well...kinda... :)

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Jul 19, 2003
9:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original