Castlevania Conference

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Basically about Simon Belmont and Dracula Having A Conference. But I won't tell you what Simon does at the end.

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Needs Sound Effects

There were some interesting and entertaining things about this video as Simon did whip turkey or beef at Dracula, knock him out and run away after burning down his castle. So there was some good comedy in it as well with them having a conference and it has some OK timing for a short Castlevania parody.

The sprites were really stretched out and pasted in a blury format for this video. The plot was somewhat lame and simple with them trying to talk things out and him ending up leaving him in his flaming castle from the candle. There really needed to be sound effects like him laughing or hearing burning flames coming from Dracula's castle or at least anything to make the video just that much more interesting. It was a plain and simple flash making a small replay effect.

Certain things about this video were alright like the comedy was funny but because of lack in sound and the simple plot it has a small replay effect it any.

-TY Reviews

Good, but needs work

It was ok, but you cold have run in SO many different ways with this; you didn't have to stop with killing monsters and drinking human blood. You could have given an entire conversation. This just seemed very anti-climactic, and was all too short.

Still many parts weere pretty funny, mostly the doorbell and the whipping of the candle.

well, i hope you improve

an okay idea, background music would have been nice, especially with no voice acting you wouldn't have to worry about the music overpowering the voices. I like the idea of the burning castle, could have been better. But hey, when ur just starting its never going to be as good as the pros, well at least i hope you are new to flash or this is a disappointment.

Could use some work

This was ok but the sprites could use some frehness and sharpness to them, maybe some special effects will overshadow that though, just something to work on.

Nice flash though


fuck you dracula


Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2001
10:00 PM EST
Comedy - Parody