Jesus is way cool

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I am not religious.
Sorry if this seems offensive. Its just a humorous thing that I animated to this song. And I am sorry that it isnt perfectly sync'd, I mean it is offline, there was no way for me to tell the latency, sorry.
Oh yeah... I know that lame means you cant walk or something, not actually being lame... you'll see.
If the music isn't syncronized with the animation.. turn down the quality to medium.


Wats soo offensive??

I am now a Christian(well just) i dont find any offence at least there was the speech


I don't find it offensive and for 2003 , this is a very good animation
But still 5/10


I am a Christian and I don't find it offensive either. 8/10 because of the timing. It was to off to concentrate. Oh, I wish wheat to Mary jane..

How is this Against Jesus?

I recently became a Christian apologist (that's someone who stops believing but comes back). I don't find this flash to be offensive at all, and I live a pretty freakin' uptight life. You keep up the good work. Christians nowadays just feel out of sync with the rest of society, and this helps to know that Jesus is liked even if one doesn't follow him. I don't follow Buddha or Mohammed, but I love and respect the guys; thanks for returning the favor, whatever you believe in.

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I thought the song was dumb the first time around...

Anyway that idiot below needs to learn what christianity stands for before he goes screaming and damning people to hell.

Good job with the animation though! I just thought the song was boring.

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Jul 17, 2003
12:10 AM EDT
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