2003: A Snes oddysee 2

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Hey, everyone. Although there were some skeptics of the first in the series, I'm very happy with my ratings for that cartoon. It's the most successful cartoon I've ever uploaded. And now, here's another one. As mentioned in the brief description, this cartoon concentrates on the animated side of things, and the story is based on ONE SINGLE EVENT involving a very large fight scene with *MINIMAL* introduction. Just switch off your brain, and concentrate on the actual biffo, and tell me what you think.

Oh, and by the way, Snes-Oddysee 3 is nearly done, and it's totally awesome-- it blows the first two outa the water. Expect it within a week to a month. Ciao! ;)


Pretty spiffy, and Hagane is cool!

But not nearly as badass as the coolest looking armored person ever (namely Samus). Do one with her! Only make the two megaman guys die. . . :D

Whoa, Good Thing Too

Man im so lucky that i have cat like reflexes or else i would of had to watch at LEAST an extra 5 seconds of this animation before i closed it.

Im TedBell


This is one of the few sprite animations that I didn't blam. Normally I hate sprite animation but this one was different. I don't know...it was just so smooth and all that good junk.

Good Effort...but DONT DO IT AGAIN!!!

what game was that black knight from????

I loved the use of the spirtes and how the movement and action was very smooth. Good fight scene but the lack of back story or any reason why these characters are battling cost some points.

dekuscrub responds:

The black knight is called, and is from a game named Hagane. He looks cool, doesn't he?


Ok, first I love how Bomb Man threw a bomb and then ran backwards for a couple miliseconds, YAY! No seriously, I liked the movie. The animation was some of the best I've seen on NG (when it comes to sprites). Obviously, original animation is the best, but you did some really great work with these SNES sprites. It kicks any Final Fantasy movies ass, bigtime. Keep developing flash, you're animation is awesome. You should team up with a writer and make some more larger films.

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2.99 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2003
6:48 AM EDT
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