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Safety Dance

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hmmm... lemme find a chat log...

evil san mo fo: are you normally on aim at around this time?
ezcubed: sometimes
evil san mo fo: cos I would like to make a flash with you
evil san mo fo: that'd be my dream come true :P
ezcubed: sure
ezcubed: that'd be cool
ezcubed: about what though!!?!?!?
evil san mo fo: ok, next time we're on, we'll discuss ideas
ezcubed: good
ezcubed: i think we should make it short an quick!!
evil san mo fo: idea --> finished product: two aim sessions
ezcubed: good
ezcubed: lets make it about blammerS! or spam! or a funny story! or a music video
evil san mo fo: or all of the above!!
evil san mo fo: how are you at music?
ezcubed: hehehelol, ya!. ever seen those clock crew music vid collabs.......we shopuld get as many authors as mltiauthor allows and submit one!
ezcubed: how am i?
ezcubed: what doyou mean? what do i like?
evil san mo fo: can you make it
ezcubed: the music myself?
evil san mo fo: well - I wouldn't know
evil san mo fo: have you ever tried?
ezcubed: well ya
ezcubed: what kind of music do you listen to?
evil san mo fo: anything fast or aggressive
ezcubed: so like punk and metal?
evil san mo fo: or anything that's just plain good
ezcubed: hehehe ok
ezcubed: so what song do you want to do?
evil san mo fo: yeah metal... but hip hop, drum n bass, and hardcore techno too
evil san mo fo: blammers tried to steal my bicycle
ezcubed: they'll do that!
evil san mo fo: lowsy rotten blammers...
ezcubed: so whats your favourite band!
ezcubed: or song!
evil san mo fo: uh... probaly tool
evil san mo fo: most consistently
evil san mo fo: but right now I like 'the hit song' by dj format
ezcubed: ok i'll listen to it!
evil san mo fo: it's not really hard or agressive -just clever
ezcubed: maybe elton john!!!!! ELTON!!! muhahahahahahaa
ezcubed: or maybe..... Men with hats!
evil san mo fo: aigheee
ezcubed: oqiwern
evil san mo fo: men with hats?
evil san mo fo: I think I vaguely know what you are talking about
ezcubed: lol
ezcubed: or 'Put it on the Ritz'.
evil san mo fo: men with out hats
evil san mo fo: I just did a search on it :P

so uhm yeah that explains this I think... I should add that it took a fair while longer than two aim sessions... and incase the multi-author shiz keeps with da fuzzle that me, ez3, bombclock and allpro did this.

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hmm... This is a mess. It was funny at first but it's very repetitive. At the end it looked like it was just tons of things mashed together, which made no sense. But this was 2003 however, a time where people were more creative online than these days, so I guess this type of content was normal back then.


I really loved the part where the slapstick man was kicking at random things, so it's as if he's blamming bad comments or something. Then there's that part where it sounded like it said to worship Lucifer (the devil, Beelzebub, Satan, Red Guy, that complete dumbass from hell, etc.) when really it said to worship evilSan, that was funny too. First you hear safety dance and then you hear death metal. ROFL!!!

it was ok....

till u ass holes told me to worshop the devil(u sick ass mofoS)

other than that its ok

MetaphorcE responds:

it actually said you should worship evilSan, which is what I used to call myself on here

No i'm not!!!

I'm not going to worship Satin and I'm pretty sure hes NOT going to eat me!!!!

ok, 2 things

1st, why did the lower grade pics have more realistic dancing, like the ninja turtle and the stick man, and 2, where did u get that girl in the yellow and black clothes, she looks familiar, and its creepy, and i want2 no so it wont b nemore.

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3.14 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2003
11:38 AM EDT