Creature of the Wheel 1

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**Update: Sound has been toned down.**

What's goin on everybody here's a new submission for ya. This one is a very serious flash and very dark. Big thanks to lucifer_rising for the Hellsent series as well as White Zombie's song Creature of the Wheel for inspiring this idea in my cracked little head. This is the episode that kind of shows where and how the Creature of the Wheel came to be. Anyway watch, vote, and review I hope you like it.




i like it...

the choice of music and sound is excellent.. ur grapjis are solid how ever.. in the next one will try to remove the outlines.. id be surpised how much diference it makes, im looking to see what happens in number 2 tho.... and thanks for the mention in the credits at theend.. oh andtheres 3 more scenes in hellsent ep 3 to finish then sound to add then itll be ready... atlast, lol im cutting it in 2 tho cos ive kinda realised how big the origianl story for ep 3 was.. it wud take ages to get it done in one go.. anyways its on its way.. c yas will and good work

Whack-a-mole responds:

Good to hear that Hellsent 3 is soon to be finished. Thanx for the sound comments, I pride myself for being an audio genius of sorts. It makes up for my shortcomings in flash. I'll try removing the outlines thing and see how that works out. The next episode won't be ready for quite some time because I'm trying to be very detail and realistic movement oriented. It's good to have someone who knows what they're doing critique a beginner as well. Anyway I hope you are able to get this I don't know if you check your responses on here. Later.



Thats pretty good. That eddie fag, hes 33 years old and he spells like a fuckin 6 year old, I dont think he has givin one good review ever. That fag is fucked up.

Whack-a-mole responds:

Lol thanks. Death to the old people with no lives!


Not bad

My main gripe would be that you need to add some more back ground music or make quicker cuts. The scenes were you just used slow shots in silence made it drag some.

Whack-a-mole responds:

I agree with that "dead air time" at the end of scenes comment. The next one will be more action oriented.

It was kinda cool.

It would have been cooler if you had actual grown people talkin.You guys sound like your 21 talkin about their takin our kids.And the movie was hella short.And the music was bangin at first but then it got annoying.

Whack-a-mole responds:

Lol, telling me I sound 21 is kinda a compliment...I'm 17. However it does suck that I'm the only voice actor I can use :(. But I try. The next episode will not be in the same style as this one was. This was more of an intro than anything. One dude called it a trailer. The next episode will be more action oriented with actual characters introduced and dialogue and all that. Thanks for your comments though.


This is a good trailer, not an episode.

I think you might have something going here, Just as long as you A) do a bit better with the graphics (like physical objects, the dark sky was pretty good.), B) Sound effects that are'nt as sharp (I think my ears are gonna be hurting for a week.) And C) dont make the creature be like some dumb-ass silly squirrel or an elvis-look alike or something when you reveal it. That would destroy this flash series completly.

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Whack-a-mole responds:

Thanks. I think your comments helped me more than all the other ones I've gotten combined. I'll be sure to tone down the sound (my computer speakers don't give me reliable results so I kinda have to guess) and don't worry I won't pull some stunt regarding the creature. I'm gonna try to make this a serious flash series the whole way through.


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Jul 11, 2003
6:38 PM EDT
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