The Hummer

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I did this one for science class. took about three days. I will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs to hummers as a result of viewing this movie.



I really didn't like it that much. Some bits OK but not great. I agree with the other people under me. You didn't need to do the whole political thing. Also Hummers are awesome. Best car ever made :P


pretty good flash, but i agree with the guy before me
i hate it when things get political
(and i like hummers)

Hummers are horrible

Great flash, very entertaining and humorous. I liked where it was going till you started to get political. Granted I hate Bush as much as everyone else, I dont think this flash needed to get all political and stuff.

I agree 100%

Bush sucks, and the Hummers are pure unleaded gas burning evil!

Pretty nice.

It was a nice funny movie that did show the harms and disadvantages of owning a hummer, though it’s perfect for any one who can’t drive well, it is an SUV yet no one bothers to use it off road, I find that horrible illogical, if only people used it off road it could be useful, but a hummer on the road means you are way too rich for your own good. Nice movie overall, keep up the good work.


Graphics: 8, Well drawn as well as well animated. Good motion of the car, the people and everything that was needed really. Great work.

Style: 7, A funny movie meant to be that way, whatever style you wanted it to have, you did. Filled with humor and yet has a moral, one must love this.

Sound: 6, A nice song though I couldn’t make any connection between it and the movie. Random? A song that sounds well but has no meaning to the movie, may I offer the audio portal?

Violence: 8, Plenty of gore, blood and much more. Great pure violence. People run over, getting their heads smacked against car doors, is this a movie or “Def Jam: Fight for New York”?

Interactivity: 3, A play button. That’s about it. I’d suggest you add quality, control scene select and music on/off buttons. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

Humor: 7, Funny little movie made to show us the wrongs of our ways of use of SUV’s. Brings a smile to your face as you watch it, perfect in that department.

Overall: 7, Good movie that can only help. I liked it, keep working.

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3.26 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2003
5:37 PM EDT
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