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Dodging Circles

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Author Comments

Hover on the green circle to gain points whilst avoiding the other circles.

This was just something I made whilst learning Flash, but I tried making what I learnt into an enjoyable game.

Using the mouse button won't help you. :) Neither will going off the screen - the flash player simply recognises the last mouse position as the current one, so you can still get hit.

If you manage to get over 1000 points, then you can consider yourself to have 'completed' the game.

The first red circle will change its characteristics slowly as you gain more points, but all the other circles stay the same.

Any reviews will be much appreciated. :)

edit (09-July-03): I've put in some instructions (thanks, 'blix797') and also changed it so that the green ball now speeds up slowly as you gain more points. :)

22nd July 2003 - Uploaded a new version of the game which links to a high score table that was made for me. :D Many thanks to 'Deedz' or 'Dragon Dreams' from Project Rockstar. :)



Love it. One of the best timewasters inages, I could litteraly ( if I had time ) spend hours playing this game. Simple, yet incredibly ddicting. Nice simple graphics, nice filesize, nice gameplay. Keep up the great nice work! :P


AcidDimensions responds:

Thanks - I will!

I like this one too!

I like your games, keep em coming, Actually leave music out of this one, haha, I can listen to my own :D
I got 1200! Whoop.
great game.

AcidDimensions responds:


Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

Man, that was fun...

On the technical side of things, this is junk. :) But after you start playing for a while and come to appreciate the different aspects of the game, and the effort you've put in to it, you can play it for ages! I personally didn't mind the fact that it had crappy graphics and no sound right from the get-go, as I prefer a simplistic game with no distractions compared to a visually stunning one that will detach your focus from the main point of the game - however this could have been a clever way to make the game harder :P haha.

Overall, I found it to be very enjoyable to play, and after around 10 games I was finding it very difficult to get to a score of beyond 1,100, as can be seen by my recently submitted scores.

The graphics were indeed horrific, as this game contained a 4 lined border, a moving spot of vomit and coloured circles whizzing around everywhere.
Now, I'm guessing that as the creator, you didn't really want the player to travel outside the border in which the 'food' (as I'll call it) moves, right? So maybe the addition of a little coding that decreased your score slowly if you travelled outside the box.
Anyways, you could've fancied the graphics up, simply by adding a bit more detail to the enemies (give them evil faces + big teeth, whatever), making the food more desirable looking rather than a moving pile of goo, and perhaps a light background just to give the feel that you're playing a well-made game automatically, rather than having to figure it out for yourself :P

The fact that there was no audio wasn't too bad, as this game didn't really need it, but I do have one suggestion. Because the shape of the 'food' wasn't totally solid, sometimes you would hover around the outsides (thinking that you were on it) without your score increasing. My suggestion would be that you insterted perhaps a small humming sound (nothing annoying, hopefully) when the mouse was on the food, to let you know you were indeed gaining score.

The interactivity of this game was great, in my opinion. It starts off relatively easy, and a little annoying because you're wanting to piss the little circles off from hovering around you, and it gets a lot harder and ofcourse maxes out when you reach 1,000 points.
This was all well and good, and had me struck for my first few games when trying to maneuver myself around the playing field. Eventually it hit me - I was indeed controlling my enemies... apart from the crazy little circles who were just fucking mad and all over the place :P So strategy came into this game, too, which was excellent for me, because it kept me thinking, and ultimately playing.

All in all, this game is excellent, and it's sad to see you haven't remade it in the 2.5 years since it was made. I'd encourage you (and hopefully your more expansive knowledge, by now) to enhance and re-make this game, as it is excellent and played often still to this day.
Great game dude, very nice work :D

AcidDimensions responds:


Check above for the full response to my review (1st post on that page).

In addition to everything said in that post (I ran out of characters) I wanted to say that whilst you almost hand the question of what to do with the graphics to me, I'd like to know YOUR opinion.

(Mine is that everything should be totally abstract, but just have textures and shadows and stuff.)

But like I said, this really is one of the best reviews I've seen and thank you so much for giving such insight into your thoughts, your playing experience and a couple of the points you felt could be improved.

I give the review the following arbitrarily chosen title:

A Masterpiece of Encouragement.

Stay funky,
- Bez


yet strangely entertaining. The difficulty level increased at a nice pace, and what little control was avilable was almost completely flawless. In terms of improvement (should you decide to remake this game, or something like this) would be to add more modes (Easy, Normal, Hard) and have more obstacles like falling objects, or other things on hard mode for a real challenge. Just some ideas.

Anyway, very well done! I look forward to otehr games you develop in the future. 7/10.

AcidDimensions responds:

: Simple...

+: one of your thoughts
-: not a real summary
++: but leads nicely into your review

: yet strangely entertaining.

+: praise

: The difficulty level increased at a nice pace,

++: somewhat specific praise

: and what little control was avilable was almost completely flawless.

++: somewhat specific praise
+: with a caveat
++: and wit.

: In terms of improvement (should you decide to remake this game, or something like this) would be to add more modes (Easy, Normal, Hard) and have more obstacles like falling objects, or other things on hard mode for a real challenge. Just some ideas.

++++: intelligent suggestions

: Anyway, very well done!

Thank you.
+: praise.
+: nice summary

: I look forward to otehr games you develop in the future.

+++: Encouraging.

I look forward to reading your reviews. All 98+

: 7/10.

?: Why're you repeating what already appears highlighted in red?

: Sound: 1

-: the score seems unreasonably high given that the game doesn't have any sound...

: Humor: 5

I have no idea why you gave it a good mark in humour. I'd like to know but...

--: you didn't say.

constructive criticism/suggestions: 6
telling your experience: 1
praise/encouragement: 8

clarity of expression: 8
elaboration & being specific: 5
coverage (how much): 7

overall: 6

A really nice and encouraging review. I felt you could have given more criticism though. Maybe you would have liked sound?

I would have enjoyed hearing how many times you played, whether you enjoyed it throughout and what scores you got.

Also, you mention difficulty modes, but do you find it too easy as it is? Or hard? Or ok?

You never went much into detail.

But these are suggestions for FURTHER improvement, because what you have written was a nice review that was enjoyable to read and was somewhat useful.


Stay funky,
- Bez

Pretty entertaining.

Though this game was really simple, it was still pretty entertaining and challenging. It started off easy, but once you get to aroudn 500 points it gets a lot harder. It could use some improvment on the graphics and needs some type of sound. This game was really fun and addictive and I liked the highscore page. nice job

AcidDimensions responds:

review of your review:

praise, constructive criticism and a summary of opinion all exist.

You told a little about your opinion of the difficulty. Feedback on your experience of a game is good to hear.

You could get a bit more specific on how the graphics could be improved, maybe give some more feedback on your experience (how far you got etc.) and maybe split the review into paragraphs.

It is a useful review as is and I thank you for it.

Stay funky,
- Bez

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Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2003
3:26 PM EDT
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