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Well, here it goes guys. I hope you like it. I'd like to ask that you not take me using Cats as the enemy in this game to seriously. The idea is not to hate cats, but hate the ones I portray in this game. This is a way I can test out my shooting system. Please, I also want to know what you think I should add, and also answer my questions, such as, is there too much blood? Too little blood? Stuff like that. I really hope you guys enjoy this. See ya!

7/12: At first I was upset with the score, but the reviews man, I love em! I've never been on the Review Crew Pick before. I'm still aiming for front page but this is a start! For that, I got another question while this is still review crew pick...would you guys like me to continue with this game? If so, review and let me know! I hope I make it to the Shooting Games page...anyways, Thanks again for the help guys!

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Lol they probably are going to take over the world


awsome graphics, good use of actionscript. and i hate cats. i have to dogs so :D
all round pretty damn good

A pretty cool game.

^^Good Points^^
Well, cats taking over the world...that's definitely an idea I haven't seen put into game form on NG. Very original. I liked the MGS style of dialogue screens in this game and the interactivity is great. I liked how different sound effects would sound when you shot different things and the game itself is challenging. The graphics were great as well, Nice drawings of the evil cats and the backgrounds.

^^Needs Improving^^
I didn't really like the crosshair, it's just a little awkward and also, I would have added a reload button, since most gamers like to be able to reload when they are low and nothing is happening.


can't stop hellicopter

hehehehe i hate cates

that was awesome too bad i can't kill em all in real life though.....damn

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2003
10:03 PM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick July 9, 2003