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Super Mocktroid

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Author Comments

Mocktroid 2! Here it is. part 2 to the original Mocktroid. Sorry about the file size, but, there is a pre loader so, yea. For any idiots that cant read, At the Title screen press enter, then choose from the 3 options, and when it gets around to people talking, click their speech boxes to continue. :D Enjoy Super Mocktroid! The most retarded metroid parody ever! UPDATED! For all you Mocktroid fans who dont like the fact that you have to click the speech boxes, all you have to do now is press enter to continue after someone talks. thats right, press enter instead of clicking the speech boxes. :D Enjoy!

OH TO ALL WHO LOVE THIS CARTOON! Thank you for helping me win my very first award of Daily Feature! This is a very large honor for me! thanks SO much and I will get part 2 to this done ASAP! Thanks again to all the Mocktroid fans who made this award possible! :D

NOW! I am going to have to clear a few things up. I have several complaints about the graphics. PEOPLE! ITS A GOD DAMN VIDEOGAME PARODY!!! They are not supposed to be artistic graphics! Its supposed to be 16 bits of stupidity! So please, stop telling me that okay? Ridley IS 16 bits, he just looks like the 8 bit ridley, i mean, watch the end where he turns back into 8 bits, there is a MAJOR color and detail difference! Four the one person that couldent get passed the Title screen. I myself had this problem, If your hitting enter, and nothing is happening, Click on the flash window itself, and then hit enter, your computer might not have the window selected. Now, a few of you have been asking, "Why did you use sprites instead of just drawing?" Well, like i said, ITS A VIDEO GAME PARODY! heh, go to the video game parody page, there are not very many that are drawn there. SO that explains the sprite use. Now, also, I am VERY untalented in flash (just go watch my other movies for god sakes, you will see how ungifted I am) And this is my third attempt at a video game parody (the first being my short lived zelda/evil dead toon, and the second being Mocktroid 1) But from the complaints so far, I can only make the next Mocktroid better. So, give me more Hints, Ideas, tell me more problems with this one and I will do my best. But I will continue to use sprites, for this is not a show off of my art, this is a Metroid parody, so please, dont point that out again. and if you must tell me i did a bad job, use constructive critisisim and tell me exactly what bothered you. I will try to meet the needs of every one of you who has taken the time out of your day to see my cartoon. Thank you very much! :) And as I said, the next mocktroid is well underway, so if anyone has suggestions, comments, ideas or anything useful for me, E-mail me. Have a good Newgrounds Day all! Keep Blammin and protectin our community from shitty work! Peace!:P

UPDATED! You can now skip the typing scenes, but you still have to weatch the memories! So, if you have never seen this before, dont skip the typings, unless you REALLY want to. heh. All work and no play makes Kit a dull mouse....

UPDATED AGAIN! I took away a few buttons due to comlications and stuff. not too much. So, hah. Go see Mocktroid Fusion after this! YES IT'S DONE!!!

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I saw this as a kid and came back to watch at age 23. Disappointed in NG for taking down original Mocktroid and wish Fusion would still be up. That being said, I found this very entertaining! I recommend Mocktroid flashtoons for Metroid fans.

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2003
10:04 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 8, 2003