Family Duel 3000 Part 1

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Family Duel 3000 Part 1 is a parody of Family Feud, and of Course the host is Ray Combs... sort of.

We have 2 teams

The Strong Men, made up of: Steven Segal, Arnold Shwartzenegger?, Jean Claude Van Dam, Sylvester Stalone and The Hulk.
and The Annoying Men, made up of: Geico Gecko, Mazda's "Zoom Zoom" Kid, Ryan Seacrest, Moby, and the "Can You Here Me Now?" Verizon Guy.


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this vid. makes me :)

i thought it was really funny and i liked the flute music the oompa loompas used at the beginning. yah the graphics were kind of bad, but you know what, i don't care. i don't what people are expecting. they always want something with five years of designing into it and without it you get a zero out of ten. people expect too much, the can't just take something really good and appriciate it, they have to nit-pick everything. i loved it, but don't be expecting that many more tens from others because PEOPLE EXPECT WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was pretty funny

nice aimation hope u make more

no dolf lungren

pretty good im going to start flash stuff and this is better than any one my stuff good work only thing wrong is that i hate reading a lot need some sound and your set cant wait till part duece

Slick, Doesn't Go Anywhere

For the first of a series, this doesn't really show much. Could use a little more actual content, but so far, it looks promising.

Text is hard to read on lower quality, though.

really good

i thought it was nifty for your first try! ummmm 1 suggestion from me and alot of other people, try to make different sound effects differen music, and a music off button other than that i gave it 5 because i think it should be watched by others! MAKE MORE!

Moheabus responds:

thanks, i'll be making more when i get the chance, this flash took about a week and i had nothing to do so i worked on it all day everyday

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3.82 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2003
11:22 PM EDT
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