Final Fantasy Barry 2

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Welcome to my latest version of the Final Fantasy saga. This full game contains a World Map with 5 unique locations, a complex battle system, a fantastic storyline/characters, and the soundtracks from earler popular versions of Final Fantasy. Enjoy!

*UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move across.
*Click on buildings to enter.

*Use mouse to click on Selection panel below

You CANNOT heal in battle, you have to go to your rest-house (the place you start off at). It takes 6MP to heal... but you get 12 from battle! You can also gain Strength/Magic-UP's here for 24MP, and HP-UP's for 12MP. These don't incrase the enemie's stats if you buy them, so you can become stronger than the opposition much easier.


I like the idea...

Except...it isn't excuted quite right, I mean don't get me wrong, it's fun, just well...boring and repetative later on, you don't get many attacks in the game, and the world map is lame, and WAY to many random battles...even more than the final fantasy series themselves. So keep at it, it's good just add more content. See ya.


ok that was pretty good...like the other guy said put even MORE effort into it...but can you make it so there are 2 choices for characters instead of having to use him...or use him and make 2 classes like a Warrior and a Ranger or something...well except that it's awesome

Better, but still needs work!

You did better then last time but you didn't seem to fix some stuff...like the plot! where's the plot?!?! here try this! next time you make this or something...work on it about twice as long! I'm sure if you do that and don't rush though it you might make a good game!

Aww man

OMFG I REVIWED THE OLDEST VERSION BEFORE THIS ONE, DAMNED MAY I BE! Back to the topic, No offence, but I played this one once, and I like it less then the other :S Mainly cuz at my eyes the char looks horrible and the ennemies to >_> Lol But I'm just ONE tiny human on the planet so, don't bother, Im sure lots of ppl found it cool. ^^ I'll still give you points for the graphics and all since you use the same kind of stuff (Or so) then in the older version.

wow i was actived to that game

i kept gowing and i completed it i had like 189998hp or something i loved that game lol good job i hope your make another one spo i caqn be actited to that as well

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3.82 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2003
6:23 PM EDT
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