Rogue of Grace

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This is my first project. It's not as good as any other entry, but what the hell. All the graphics are taken directly from Nexon's game, NexusTK. Go to NexusTK.com for other info. As this is my first project , there's almost no audio, because 1)I dunno anything about optimization. 2) I dunno anything about audio synching. 3) I'll prolly put the wrong music in worng places... Marry had a little lamb... BAM!!! FIGHT SCENE! Or stuff like that. So, anyway, enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review. Also, the music id's from NG portal are- Slow, mellow music- 978. Fast beat rock music- 137. Now, to answer the question most of you will probably ask yourselves- Why the hell are they fighting? Well. Because. Nah, just kidding. Here a short update of the first scene- Some guy dressed in red walks in and delievers a nice gesture of 'hello'. Now, the other guy fell asleep, so the red-garbed guy gets mad, and... Thrusts at him. That's when you realize the one dressed in black is REALLY short tempered, so he wanna fight. It's kinda supposed to be funny... But it's not. Heh. This is the final version, don't expect for more this time. >=D

Oh yeah, THANKS TDBLITZ FOR TEACHING ME SOME OF YOUR LEET FLASH TECHNIQUES! Go to his site for awesome Flashes, wwww.hguild.centralogn.com




Stop staring at these pile of letters.



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all ihaveto say is Ka~~!

Tou shall go back and studdy under the great masters of the tutors .. i hear from time to time the legendary Lhurgoyf Buyan rogue tutor apears in the kingdoms and holds classes

while you did a good job with the character sprites the dbz effects were unneeded.

had that been a proper mage you woulda been slept blinded hellfird

had you been a proper rogue you would of invisibled and be equiped with superior magic resistance items to evade the magical forces. draw forth yourself into spiritual transendance and laid forth snares blind and poison before unleashing your Lethal strike or desperate attack crippling andeven killing that pitiful mage.. you have much to learn my yung one

Buyan Rouge tutor - Retired

Another NexusTK Player

I liked it, but it was too short.

not my style

sorry dude not my style...

~ Insane Axe

not bad

i thought it was very nice.
cool pics!


Not the first time a see this movie submit here !!!
1) you have resubmit it for some crap reason
2) you stole the movie end try say: " LOOK AT ME, IM A LITTLE BASTARD WHO TRY LIVE !!!! oOOoohOOooH "

thats all folks

BreserkNexus responds:

Umm... Yes, I HAVE submitted this movie, but in it's shorter versions. Kind of "previews".

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2.81 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2003
11:59 AM EDT
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