Silex Episode 1

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Silex Episode 1 is the first set of a series. Silex is trying to find is enemy The Sentry and is having bad luck. Keep in mind this is my first movie! And other then that Enjoy!
When the movie is done loading press the button :) I'm sorry for not having a preloader but I just started flash :)
-Imortal Enimga


WTF MATE???????

Come on I'm pretty sure Bill gates's dumb cousin could do better.
P.S: Dont ask me if Bill gates has a dumb cousin!

not bad for a first

i hope you have improved now but this is not that bad so take it easy on yourself.
no one makes a hit from the very first time..
later dawg.


hehe ok here goes... your animation needs work, make the sounds sync-up try, record voices and make that damn cloud scene shorter... get back to yah later

I'm rating this like a real movie

Ok, for your first movie, it's great. But as a normal movie like if Wade Fulp were to make this, this is how I would rate it. The sword animation was too slow, and needed more frames to make it look real. The sound was a little choppy, and you should use real voices rather than computer automated unless they are really good. Anyway, good movie for your first time.

Imortal-Enigma responds:

I know I will be working on the voices!! Everyone has told me that :) I have a crappy mic... I am planning on getting a new one. Thanks for the only nice review!! I will charish this one ;)

That absolutely sucked.

Whatever the hell they were saying I don't know b/c the sound was messed, and the graphics were horrible too. Like the part with the sword, way too choppy. It seemed quite pointless and didn't amuse me at all, ta ta.

Imortal-Enigma responds:

Well I would like you to make a flash movie... then we will see yours.. My mic sucks I need a new one.. I know that already!

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2.65 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2003
8:29 AM EDT
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