Stitch's Revenge

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Something I made because I like Stitch and I know a bunch of people like Stitch also.



Damn, that was bad...

Nothing more to say...


Some kind samaritan out there, please blam this. No creativity (that I could see), simple graphics, and... err... a copied picture of Stitch killing stick men. You could've tried harder.

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what a load of crud!

my sis is a big lilo and stitch fan and she said" i know it was your first flash but come on! if ur proud to present it then you should at least make it worth watching! You could try and draw(or trace) your own stitch and not copy another. Try and make it a little funnier, plus you should consider using 3D pictures so Stitch isn't flat!"

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Ummm that was bad

Nice try for your first movie but it wasn't good. i like the music. The sticks were walking too slowly and they should be moving after being shot. you should show the bullets or ray coming out of the guns. Just work harder on your next flash and im sure it will be better

Uhhhh yeaaaah....right.

One word, five minute walk scene..oh i mean 1,2,3,4...yeah 4 words. I like that it was based on one of my favorite movies(yes I'm 19 and love stitch...shut up) but you sort of disgrased the movie. Good try but try harder.

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1.84 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2003
1:22 PM EDT
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