"Meow" Surprise!

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1..2...3 i wmade a movie.
Boom make fun i take my rage out in real life with kittens.! only cute ones.


Ok my thoughts

How much did this take you a hour?! Dude if bashing cats to death is your idea of fun man i can't say anything for this. But Come on!!! Plus ya could have colored it a bit better what cat looks like it's puke green! No stars and you must really hate cats! Can't belive this hang around for 6 years! *sighs* Have a nice day...


it suckt you are so mean to the cat so booo


^^Good Points^^
The only reason I gave this any positive points were the graphics, not badly drawn for the most part. Also the introduction was rather creative and pretty cool.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't see the point of this. I watch a kitty get smashed by a club with a nail in it, then watch the poorly drawn blood animate all over the screen. Do I want to smash the kitty again? No, I didn't want to smash it once.


to tell you the truth, i liked the NG pirate beginning more than the cat fiasco. if it wasn't for that, then you would have gotten a 1.

It was okay

I loved the sound especially where I can bash that poor little kitty repeatedly! Haha. Although a little work on the graphics wouldn't hurt.

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1.24 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2003
8:52 PM EDT
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