3d Pics and landscapes 4!

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Finally, i stopped my work for a while to learn some better bryce skills and then i got poser 5! 2 of the best programs i have worked with for graphics. Well like you all requested i put in music, please tell me what you think of the music despite the bad quality. I made the song and the pictures. Leave a reveiw and dont bitch. -Aaron.


art boy is again in the game

i lookt at you're first pic and i was thinking-omg not again round stuff-but then i lookt at number 25 a new work of you and it's not so nice but again a good start oo and make a sound that fits the picture like number 12 something whit water sound hey get my point pll will like it more becuase then it will sound real when it sound real it will look more real


Style:Never would have thoght to do this.
Sound:Got annoying
Inter.: Buttons...woo.
Humor:Call me weird but...


Quality over Quanity

Your 3d skills need alot more work or you just need a better way of showing them off. first off your lighting in your compositions is bad and i don't use that word often, there were a couple of images that weren't that bad and if i were you i would have focused on them and left some of the horrible stuff out, like 12,16,19, 20,21,25, and 11. I'm not trying to make you feel bad i just think maybe you should get your self some good books look on some 3d related sites maybe you can find some help that can make your stuff alot better, which if your at all seriouse about this you would have no problem admiting to.


A lot better then the previous ones,and now with music too!lol,keep up the great work!I hope youll make another one of these soon!=)


((( NICE )))

Hey notbad, the meaning and the graphics speak forthemself, it had meaning as each picture spoke tou you, very nice indeed, you should make more like thease, it would make newgrounds a better place indeed...


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2.97 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2003
4:09 PM EDT
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