Agent Klash 2

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This is the real movie, not a crappy trailer. This has better sounds & animation and all that good stuff. Also, even though i could notgive them co-author credit for sum reason, empando & laura_mai helped a lot in this movie.

BWI-AKA_Ben says: We apologize for the increibally large file size of this movie. Albert has not yet ben trained in the field of adiou optimization or however u spell that. If this movie passes or does not pass we will update it with optimized audio. Thank you.



ive watched all ur movies and they are so LOW QUALITY! get 10,000 years of practice b4 u submit another movie! please!

NikeSoccer responds:

How about i don't get any traning, and submit a movie in a week. You know what, I am going to do that.

hay albertjust wached your movie .

you can do a better job see you later.

NikeSoccer responds:

ok. The next one will be better. because it will ba a choose your destiny thing.

You are horrible

You are REALLY bad at using flash. I drew better when i used to use MS Paint.

NikeSoccer responds:

Well good for you.


ok wtf why is this still on newgrounds it sucks there mouth dont even move and the drawings suck big ass

NikeSoccer responds:

It's still on newgrounds because some people liked it. So, go shoot yourself in the face.

two words

motion tween

get rid of that choppy crap

NikeSoccer responds:

So, AHH, what were those two words you were taalking about??? Because it seems that you told me 8 words?!? Now person are you mentally retarded, that you don't know the difference between 2 words & 8 words?

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2003
2:41 PM EDT
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