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This is a trailer of all the finished parts of "Night of the sticky dead" (Including some special feature from part 5), in the end of the trailer, please use the "episode" links to watch the Night of the sticky dead parts if you feel like it. If you hate all kinds of sticks, or if you hate very gory flash movies (such ass brain splatters all over, blood all over and people loosing limbs) I stronlgy reccomend you not to watch these movies. Please do not hate mail me, your fault if you view them and hate them, I have warned you. If you love gory stick movies, you should watch these movies, and please forgive me for all words I spelled wrong!!! That's all i have to say folks, enjoy the show!

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Same problem, same taste.

Well, your background such as, gun fireing gernade bombing was real impressive to me. The only thing I really hated about the graphics, was the stick figueres. I know you can make it look more real then you would be the higher rank. So the blood was real impressive with the scars and that, but the sticks were not impressive. If you really tried you can make no sticks thats all im asking. The sound was ok, I dont like movies or trailers that have music through the whole movie put SFX in. I know it seems hard but try.


I love zombie movies and zombie games and I can say that this serie is better then some zombie movies and the idea of Spike was a great idea.
Keep up the good work.

WolfySnackrib responds:

Yeah, i love all about zombies too :) If you like real zombie movies I strongly recommend you to see these movies: Braindead, Dawn of the dead and Idle hands (not really a zombie movie but it's okay)
And I'm very glad you like it, thanks :)


that's great: you seem you use pretty crappy graphics on everything except the one thing that really matters, the guns. that's great.
seriously tho, even tho its stick figures and all, the time you probably put into it makes the trailer good. alright nice.

I'm Not A Fan Of Stick Figures ...

... but this series has been GREAT! In this trailer you've used the two most common devices a lot of people here on NG use to cop out of putting any effort into a project - stick figures and the trailer.
STICK FIGURES - folks use 'em cuz they're "easy to animate". You've shown here (and with your series) that putting some effort into animating stick figures can make them cool and inetersting. Also, I'm VERY impressed with the violence! I usually score it low in most stick movies because, really, how hardcore can violence be with a stick figure? There's no real body mass. You've proven that it can be done with great effect, hence the 10 for violence.
TRAILERS - people use them as a lazy excuse not to animate a full project or to write any kind of interesting or cohesive story. Again, you've proven that this doens't have to be the case since you created the trailer AFTER you created the series. It's also a VERY clever way to get new people to check out the series.
This is an excellent effort! You've done a really good job here! Keep up the great work!


Dude, all the blood! :O Can somebody tell this to his mother?...

WolfySnackrib responds:

Hehehe, I think it's embarrasing to show my flash stuff to my mum, therefor I don't tell her about it.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2003
11:52 AM EDT
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