Drawing Tutorial 1;basics

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This tutorial is on the very basics so all you artists probably dont need to watch this, and should you decide to watch it, judge by how useful it would be to someone without your talent or knowledge.

This is going to be a series of tutorials on art and animation. The next one will be on the basics of figure drawing and japanese animation style drawing.



A good tutorial, not sure I've seen one that explains so nicely how to do a 3/4 face (very handy). Some constructive criticism thought is you could have added arrows for people to go faster through it or go back, and an option to mute the sound. Otherwise yeah, useful tutorial

And Many More..

I liked the face when it said, "And many more".

Thats helped me with drawing in flash.

awesome tutorial

well i was zoning out towards the end and then you were going over the faces then when you said "and many more" the face was so wierd i jumped up in suprise and the chair leaned back and i fell on my as*


u know what....i can already draw good (i dunno y i watched this o_O) but ur little...person man..dude.. thingy gave me a good idea ^-^. well yeah that was pretty good.

thank you, with this it helped me draw faces

a bit better it helped alot....hope you get your next one out soon this was simple but complex in a way thank you for all your help....and immortal warrior nice job on that two

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Jun 26, 2003
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