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Well this is mt first attempt at a serious film. I'm not sure how well it came out but it took me a long time. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

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Man, if your trying to make it a serious flash dont draw the ppl like that they look innocent and funny.
Well good voices they were alittle weird at times but at least you put the effort in.
No interactivity.
Not bad but there was too much wrong with it
Not very strong at all, due to graphics
Well im sorry dude but the voices and characters werent showing me a serious flash movie sorry
I am dissapointed here when i can she you put the effort in its just that you were digging in the wrong area if you gave it more thought and direction this could have gone somewhere, keep trying

this is bad

I glad you have not created anything new and i hope everyone votes a zero so we can forever remove your from newgrounds!


That was it!? Where was the gritty raw seriousness? What the hell happened to him, exactly? There wasn't much development in your fucking characters and that ending was anticlimactic unexplainible cocksuckery. Put a little more effort in to conveying your goddamn message.

I love it,

Raw Gritty and entertaining word life!

I'm enlightened.

I now know that putting innocent people in jail is wrong. Jesus,the truth has been under my nose for years, but I just couldn't see it! Putting innocent people in jail, though, it's wrong. Therefore I think I'll go out and free loads of innocent people from jail, because, y'see, it's wrong. Don't you understand? It's wrong...