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To Hell With The Stickme

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Author Comments

Its My first Movie

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Okay for your first but...

there was no sound. there was nothing funny about it.

Nothing grate :/

That its your first flash is excuse for making such a poor flash movie! You could onliest ad some sounds! Cuz its your first flash movie that you make ill give you a
4 .

oh god kill me now.

ugh, this flash is a huge mess, a huge huge mess.

i'll tell the story of this flash while pointing out its flaws and then break everything down.

well, it starts off without a play button, it just starts off by itself without even asking, it just asumes you want to see it. then some guy (the main charecter) is on a couch THAT ISN'T EVEN TOUCHING THE FUCKING GROUND right next to some kind of alarm colck/ phone on some disgusting looking table (that also isn't touching the ground) anyway it goes off or rings or something happens i asume, because then he has to do something, but can't do it because his arm isn't very long, or from the fact that you were just way too fucking lazy to draw him getting up and moving, he didn't even have to walk, he could have just unrealistily slid, anyway he shoots something out of his finger and the he shoots at does something, of cousres none of this shit seems very imporant, considering that its all just ignored when he magicly teleports outside and talks to a shaowy figure, you can't really tell what they're saying the word bubbles go uncontrolably fast, anyway my assumption is that he tells him to kill the stick figures, and he shows him a bad stick movie, that looks like EVERYTHING ELSE in the movie, so anyway they do some poorly animated fighting with sticks, with blinding fast speach bubbles, and theres a shitty explosion which you can't even really tell its an explosin, since its just big balls showing up, and that the end, oh wait, its not, because it just keeps looping, like you want to see it again, so you can't even say "my favorite part was the end" because it never fucking ends!

looks- ugh, god awful, it look like it was made with ms paint and not flash, no one ever really moves unless they slid, nothing looks like its supposd to, its like a hand drawn atari game, but worse!

style- this flash has about as much style as my shit.

sound- none!

violence- it takes a speaciel kind of shit to fuck up violence, and this is it.

story- ugh, stick slayer rip off bullshit.

this thing is total fucking garbage, there isn't a single thing good about it!

not single redeming value.

everything is a zero, everything.

to hell with stickme? how about to hell with this flash.


the good:
the graphics - although they were pretty messy - weren't THAT bad. At least you didn't use sticks ;) .
You had a plot in your flash, that's always a good point.

the bad:
the animations seemed pretty dull and the text was too small. plus, everything moved so damn slow... and you didn't ahve sound in it.

the ugly:
try to speed up the whole thing and improve your animation skills! and put sound in your flashes!

Credits & Info

1.28 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2001
11:34 AM EST