Sonic's Vacation Part I

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I have been pushing myself very hard over the last few weeks to make this movie. it took at lot of time and effort to make. It lasts roughly 3 mins and this is mainly an introduction. The graphics may be a little choppy but this is my first flash and i am still learning. The reason the file size is bigger than what it should be is because i have used 4 different sonic songs, but i countered that by reducing the sound to lowest quality - but it still sounds good. This may not be perfect but it is certainly better than some stick movie that took 5 mins to make and i think it doesn't deserve to be blammed. Please leave constructive reviews and i will probably reply. The next episode will contain the fight between majin eggman(robotnik) and vegetto, what became of knuckles, another tails death and a sonic fight.
Please vote fairly,
thank you -Jason English


really really super funny

funny funny funny funny funny it was awesome


lol egg man super fourm is funny

Rude ****ard you are.

I started to dislike it after about 10-15 seconds. You were being a serious idiot to Tails. I mean, dropping an anvil of him, making a bird poop on him? Get a life. Then where does Sonic go? Why is Megaman there, and what is he talking about? I don't think he goes to Rome. Also, Knuckles knows the difference between Metal Sonic in his metal form and Sonic. And crappy graphics near Mageta. If there was a negative choice on this star count, it'd sure be helpful to me right now. -33/2

i couldn't finish it.

the animation was too choppy, the music often had a radio cassete recorded effect to it, and you were using classic and advance sprites for sonic characters (you also used metal, AND mecha sonic sprites for the same character) you need to be consistant with sprite images so that the characters all have the same style and don't switch between old and new. the same goes for stand still images for different characters (can't have sonic in GBA spite form while knuckles is in sega genesis sprite form, it just doesnt look right). not to mention you didnt check your sprite images well enough to make sure that you got all of the white background erased. right after vegito fired his energy blast was when i stopped.

by the way, when eggman stole the master emerald, you called it the chaos emerald. really big mistake, any sonic animator has to know the difference between the master emerald and the chaos emeralds.

work on your animation skills and you'll do better in the future

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Instant zero for killing Tails!

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3.36 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2003
1:22 PM EDT
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