Kill Old Man from Zelda!!

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You remember the OLD MAN from the game zelda? He would give you weapons, but most of the time he would turn you down and tell you that you had to go do something else before he gave you good stuff. Didn't that piss you off? Didn't you just want to kill him?

So did I, but it wouldn't let you kill him. In fact, sometimes if you tried to hit him, the fires next to him would shoot you with fireballs.

Well, I've just created this "game" that LETS YOU KILL THE OLD BASTARD! Check it out, it's got all the original graphics and sounds from ZELDA!

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Very fun game!



So this was pretty cool glad to see this game has lasted all this time has some nice options I finally got that guy after a bit you have a nice game here keep up the good work

Not sure it was really solid for as old as it is


just 17 years old. and i still remember when it came out.

update with the new weapons ppleeeeeeassssssseee