Stone Trek: Episode 2

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I was surprised at how prominent the laughtrack was. Then again, that was probably intentional. You really have captured the spirit of both shows. It's kind of weird how the first two episodes are two parts. While not familiar with the "Star Trek" show, I definitely know "The Flintstones". You really did capture the humor.

The animation is so good. I just love the idea of a wooden spaceship. While goofy, it doesn't matter. I think at least some of these episodes are based on the "Star Trek" show. I doubt this was an actual plot.

at first I thought this was gonna be kinda weird and stupidd lol well it was a but weird but in a good way) nnice creative humor) and the animation was nice

Strong continuation

This episode of Stone Trek continues in the same vein as the original in being a great parody of both shows, however it doesn't really build on top of those strong foundations.

A Red shirt joke is carried on over from the original, as is the cutaway to a random animal doing a menial task making a lame joke about it. The laugh track too remains, but this is obviously part of the charm in the Flintstones parody.

I liked the fact that as soon as the bees were in space, they had little space helmets on because OBVIOUSLY thats what they need to fly in space XD

Overall, a worthy continuation of the orginal movie, without stepping out of its shadow.


Funny stuff.

Sprock is Tuvok! XD

Considering the year this was made in, its actually really good :D but the part where the ship did a roll wasnt so smooth. :P

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4.23 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2001
3:20 PM EST
Comedy - Parody