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Sorry about teh file size.... i tryed EVERY DAMN THING to make it lower, but every time i make the song smaller the movie WONT EXPORT!!! so just grab a drink or take a piss while it loads.
Btw enjoy

Orangeclock and Strawberry clock MUSIC VIDEO

Edit: Yhea MY FIRST movie that didnt get blammed! Time to break out the wine!

Also if you just want to jam to teh cool music, then just stop the movie and teh song will keep playing untill it is completly done!



nothing too exciting here.... a typical boring clock animation, but at least your efforts were adequate.


you tell him!

"So i Watched The Mo-Vie"

And it sucked, so go draw up some stickmen and make them move and fucking send them to stickdeath for a hobbie cuz ur flash SUCKS and ur Lego Sucks and so does ur playdough and knex and fucking any other shit You Force into newgrounds. Go Make flashes about plastic barbies and clothes Because your not wanted here!

NuclearBomb-Clock responds:

Yhea you may not want me here but the otehr 650 people do. You say my flash SUCKS when ive made 3.67 scoring flash and you DONT EVEN HAVE FLAHS eheh n00b, this was the verry first thing i submitted and its STLL better than anything you have/ever will do.
You know nothing, so dont act like you know somethen.


I have seen movies with file sizes at about 1,000k last over 16 minutes, (Costanza Falcom Easter Special). This was way to high. I would of just started over, because something you did made the file size get way to big. I have a fast connection, so I do not really have to worry about waiting, but think about the poor people with dial-up...


NuclearBomb-Clock responds:

My flash program crashes when i make the music files smaller


liek rawk on duwd!

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2.52 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2003
3:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody