a classic BF1942-movie

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Sorry modem-users but this is the smallest size I could produce but to still get a good audio-q. The lowest quality was only 1k smaller but sounded like shit.
For the guys out there who think:
I'll put a video in flash, that's so easy and will take almost no time to finish it...
Don't try, if you want a almost solid presentation you'll still have to spend an hour to get it running.
I won't waste my time anymore, flash is for flash.


Really good!

That was amazing, I love the plane!

YOU GET A 5!!!

LOL that was funny stuff

I don't know if that was edited or not but if you've played the game thats some funny stuff.

it was..... ok...?

graphics were pretty bad, sound wasnt the best.... u shoulda improved graphics.. if u did i mightta given it like a 7 maybe.. I didnt exactly understand wut was going on so that dint help the score much. Well.... better luck next time.

Nice Try

Nice try even tho the graphics were really bad and the choice of sound was bad. I like Battlefield 1942, my friend has it but I need to buy a video card b4 I can get it cuz mine's not good enough. I've seen way better movies, your clan should make things like exploding yourself in the air and then dropping into a plane hatch or something. Or else team kill. That's hilarious. My friend was playing a level with helicopters. He was Special Ops and he put dynomite under the planes and when ppl ran to them, he exploded them and they were flung back and they died.

This game looks so much fun

I just upgraded my video card, and im getting thius game soon, nice flash also, this gave me a good look into the game

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1.45 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2003
9:56 AM EDT
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