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Biography of a Madman

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A short biography of one of the most violent criminals of all time. No actual animation, mostly text, keep that in mind and don't bitch about it in your reviews because I KNOW.
Thanks you.


Could've been funnier.

I don't recall hearing anything about Bush putting arsenic in our water. Oh well, he's still an asshole.

Its a good bush joke

This is a good Bush joke. Not much can really be said, some may think its funnier than others. It could use some dramtic music.

Nothing need be said...

All I can say is this: I never liked Bush. He failed to find Osama bin Laden. He was threatening war with China over the downed wreckage of a U-2 jet, which (do your homework if you don't believe me) is a spy plane. He is threatening N. Korea for building of nuclear weapons, which he has 15 000+ of. He declared war against Saddam Hussein for creating biogenic and chemical weapons, when he just wanted to lower oil prices. Adding to that, the Ft. Detrick chemical weapons programs has a higher budget than most small nations.


I didn't hate it nor did I like it. I don't like bush that mush anyway. I think he's an idiot half the time. So that's why I stay out of politics and all that crap.

All in all.....it was ok.....


On the animation side, the movie was good. If your were trying to make a joke it was funny.
If you were trying to make a political statement god help you if you live in the USA and someone there finds you.
I'm an Australian and I don't try to give a toss about USA political matters, its there own business. However, I love my country, I love my heritage and so do the Americans.
I udnerstand they take great bride in them selves and I admire them for it.

I do not condone terrorism, I personally do not like Asama-Bin-Asshole, Saddam-Insain and any mother fuckers who choose to blow them selves up in public places....
If I had to make a comment about the war in IRAQ I'd say maybe the decision to go in was to soon. However that wasn't my choice to make I don't know all the facts.
I just hope in hell that they find some damn weapons of mass distruction. ;)

Keep it cool mates!

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Jun 16, 2003
5:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original