Freaky Pong

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Well, after expierimenting some in physics as, i decided to make this. Control the paddle with your mouse and change music by clicking. All music is from the audio portal. Have fun

Sorry about the blank screen when loading. I do have a preloader, but the music loads before the movie, which is very wierd. Anyway, thats the only way the music will work, stupid flash. Anyway, let it load please.

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Freakier than I expected. :D

Certainly lives up to its title.

Having beaten it on hard, I really don't see myself returning, but if you changed it a bit and had a load of levels with varying ai and rules for the ball's motion, it might make for a more long-lasting game?

It's a bit dodgy how it tells you to try it on a harder setting after you beat it on hard.

I do really like the way the random music comes up with the title of the track though.

I suppose my only real complaints are the unimpressive graphics and the fact that it feels a bit lacking.

But those are suggestions for a future version rather than actual complaints.

Freaky indeed

Not bad, a nice variation of pong wiht better features and music that suited the game. Could do with a smaller ball / :) to make the game a bit harder.

Quite Addicting

The music really gives you the energy to want to play, what a good selection, and I'm not just saying this because I'm in it *U_U*, You should make some cool variations of the game with graphics that fit the music or something... that would be killer~ ^__^


Man i love it when people use my music! good job!


needs backgrounds, and smaller pads. thats about all other than that nice job.

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3.85 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2003
2:37 PM EDT
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