The Bitch

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The first movie you did only got 8 reviews, but already (in the same day you posted 'Cuttles the Cuttlefish', might I add) you've decided that "the people" have demanded "the bitch" to be naked. Are you grasping for external validation or what? You're making these movies for us, not for yourself (which is, ironically, the wrong way of going about it) and how are you going to keep your integrity intact if that's all you can think to do? Then again, you might not even have integrity... how the hell should I know? I don't even know you. I'm just notifying you that I smelled the desperation here. Naked girls do not equal quality and 100% audience approval. Germaine's never been naked, after all...

You do draw well, though. And I like how you had music playing over the preloader screen. You've clearly got talent; I just don't want to see someone who is so new to Flash sell out to the lowest common denominator so quickly. I want to see more of the stuff YOU want to make. Not the shit people say you 'should' make.

Ixtlitlxochitl responds:

Um, the thing your forgot to consider is, maybe i DID want to make that? Buddy, I *just* got Flash, and I am experimenting. Sometimes, having assignments helps people get started. In this case, making a movie with this girl naked. It was my 3rd flash animation I EVER DONE. Please dont jump conclusions like im desperate and that shit, because I am not. I am simply trying to learn how to use Flash. Thanks for your "thoughtful" words.

Eeeeh ?

Ok graphics were crap... I mean really. Did you use windows paint while you were making the movie ? Aww, story was also boring and... well Ill give you 1 for... hmmm "effort".

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1.66 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2003
7:13 PM EDT
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