Legendary Link

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This is my first flash I have submitted to Newgrounds. Its basically takes story and events from Lord and the Rings, Zelda and others and throws them together. Some of the scenes are complex for Flash to render, so unless you have a top of the line machine, when it asks, please select a low quality.


these last 2 are completely wrong

well almost the only really funny was the party - when he shot link in the leg
it was funny how he shot and how they were drawn so 10

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well this could have been a brillant and popular idea if you made the voices and art differently. with that kind of interation, it makes most people shut it off before it's done.


This is sucks. sound is ok but the fricken art sucks! its like boring and annoying! but this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen! I hated to say it

Bugged me

I didnt watch it all the way. The voices anoyed me into submission. I suggest that next time you shouldnt screw with the voices. I'm giving you a vote of 4/5 so that you dont struggle in the future, ok?

Dude...you suck

I hated it with a passion, i couldn't even sit through the damn thing. The only reason I liked it is because it had rabbit joint in it. Great potential, but sadly, it was a huge peice of shit.

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2.72 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2003
4:01 PM EDT
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